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Vancouver City Council has unanimously approved a grant of up to $490,000 to the Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISS) to help assist with the construction of an innovative transitional supportive housing project providing short and medium term accommodation for refugees.

Located at 2610 Victoria Drive, the ISS ‘Welcome House Centre’ will provide short term and transitional housing with supports for recently arrived refugees. The project will include 98 flexible, lockable rooms which can be combined in a variety of configurations, down to 26 “self-contained units” allowing ISS to flexibly house larger or smaller families as well as singles, as need arises.


There are 19 new tasty ways to explore Vancouver’s celebrated foodie culture without making reservations.

Delicious eats purveyors, including Vancouver chefs Vikram Vij and Karen Barnaby, were among the experts reviewing applications for the sought after spots located in and around the downtown core, adding to the close to 100 vendors offering a wide variety of choices along our city’s pedestrian-heavy streets.

“Adding these new street food options to our streets this summer will enliven our public spaces while supporting diverse and nutritious food choices that benefit our local economy,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “These affordable street food options reflect Vancouver’s diverse communities and expand employment opportunities for local food entrepreneurs.”

This year’s vendors are sharing a diverse array of items such as Baja-style tacos, matzo balls, seafood chowder and Korean fusion.

With almost 2,000 people responding to the City’s street food survey, public interest in street food options appears to be high.

Check out our map of the 2011 Food Cart Vendors & Locations:

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