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Vancouver City Council has unanimously approved a grant of up to $490,000 to the Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISS) to help assist with the construction of an innovative transitional supportive housing project providing short and medium term accommodation for refugees.

Located at 2610 Victoria Drive, the ISS ‘Welcome House Centre’ will provide short term and transitional housing with supports for recently arrived refugees. The project will include 98 flexible, lockable rooms which can be combined in a variety of configurations, down to 26 “self-contained units” allowing ISS to flexibly house larger or smaller families as well as singles, as need arises.


A big welcome to all of you for coming, business and community leaders, fellow elected officials. Greetings from the people of Vancouver.

Over the years it seems that half of Toronto has moved to Vancouver, so thanks for sharing your talent and hello from all your ex-pats on the west coast!

We have the good luck to live and work in two of the greatest cities in Canada – and not just Canada. Two of the world’s great cities.

We have cities with wonderful neighbourhoods to live in, neighbourhoods that inspire fierce pride.