Statement from Mayor Gregor Robertson on the Vancouver School Board

June 30, 2016 | News

"The Vancouver School Board was elected by residents of Vancouver to act in the best interest of children and youth in Vancouver’s public schools. Over the past seven years I have seen them serve with dedication and passion, while taking a pragmatic approach that has used shrinking resources to help build a supportive school system for our kids.

"That’s why when this Vancouver School Board says that another $21.8 million in funding cuts is too deep to support the learning needs of Vancouver’s children and youth – the most complex of all the districts in the Province - the only response for me is we must support our school board to raise the necessary funding for our school kids.

"In 2015, Vancouver provided more in school taxes ($463 million) to the BC government than we received back in provincial funding for our schools ($448 million), short-changing our kids by $15 millionOn Tuesday, City Council unanimously passed a motion supporting the Vancouver School Board’s request for our fair share of provincial funding and encouraging the Minister of Education to meet with the Vancouver School Board in order to find a solution.

"We took this action not just in the best interests of children and youth in Vancouver public schools, but in the best interests of our entire city’s future. Everything from our economy to our ability to create safe and inclusive communities rests on the investment we put into supporting public education. Indeed the strength of our public education system is a key draw of people to live and raise kids in Vancouver. 

"I call on the Minister to work with the Vancouver School Board to find a way forward that respects the wishes of Vancouver voters and provides stable, long-term and predictable funding that responds to the complexity of needs in our schools, and avoids the cuts that will fall disproportionately on our most vulnerable kids."

Mayor Gregor Robertson