Public Forum on Syrian Refugee Crisis

September 8, 2015 | Engaged City

Public forum on Syrian refugee crisis:
7:00pm, Tuesday Sept. 8 - Vancouver City Hall

Vancouver has a long and proud history of welcoming refugees and their families in times of desperate need, helping them start new lives with hope, security, and freedom here in Canada.

The continuing refugee crisis in Syria, Iraq, and the Middle East has displaced millions of new refugees, leaving millions more stranded and at risk from armed conflict, extreme poverty, hunger, and/or unacceptably poor living conditions - and Canada needs to take a leadership role.

Tonight at 7pm I'm hosting a forum on this crisis at Vancouver City Hall, bringing together key settlement experts and advocates and all members of the public who want to learn more about how our community can do its part to help.

Vancouver has taken a series of steps to increase our capacity to welcome refugees, and we will continue to do so – building on our review regarding making Vancouver a sanctuary city and the construction of an innovative new Vancouver Welcome House for refugees.

Most importantly though, the Government of Canada has not been meeting our international obligations in this continuing humanitarian crisis. It is our hope and expectation that the federal government will immediately act to assist a vastly greater number of refugees from this crisis, and this week I'm introducing a motion calling for a permanent baseline target of at least 20,000 government-assisted refugees annually by 2020.

Vancouver's leadership can make a major impact, and I hope I'll see you tonight at City Hall.

Thanks for your ideas and involvement,

Gregor Robertson