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The City approved the creation of a new Affordable Housing Agency last night, an arms-length organization based on best practices in other cities to enable the creation of new low and modest income housing in Vancouver.

The Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency (VAHA) will also collect available data on issues such as vacant homes, and provide information on ways to limit investor speculation and unnecessary vacancies in Vancouver’s housing market.

“The Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency will be a key tool in the City’s efforts to create new affordable housing that meets the needs of local residents,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “As well, by designating it as a research hub to monitor issues such as vacant homes and excessive investor speculation, the VAHA will contribute to an informed, fact-based discussion of Vancouver’s housing market.”


The City is set to launch the new Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency this week, with a report coming to City Council to establish a new agency that will deliver 2,500 new units of affordable housing over six years. It is based on a recommendation from Mayor Robertson’s Affordable Housing Task Force.

“The Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency is our next step in creating new affordable homes for local residents in Vancouver,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “We need to be providing a range of housing for different incomes – not just welfare rates, but low and middle-incomes as well.

“We can’t just let the market decide. The City needs to be a leader in creating the affordable housing our residents deserve, especially when there is such a shortage of affordable homes in Vancouver. The VAHA will help make that happen, and I urge all of City Council to support it this Tuesday.”


Supports new Dragon Boat Facility, secures new opportunity for affordable housing, moves forward with new park planning

A development featuring a total of 620 new residential units was approved by City Council at last night’s Public Hearing, with two new towers to be constructed just west of the Cambie Bridge in North False Creek.

A community amenity contribution of $4.2 million secured from the project will support the building of a new Dragon Boat facility at Creekside Community Centre, fulfilling a longstanding major demand for the popular sport on False Creek. The developer also transferred title to 58 West Hastings (across from Saveonmeats) to the City of Vancouver for use as a future affordable housing site.

Council also directed staff to report back with a timeline on the delivery of a significant new park for Northeast False Creek, in conjunction with the viaducts report anticipated for next year.


This weekend featured another important milestone in our work together to end street homelessness, and build a range of new affordable housing options throughout Vancouver.

The opening of 123 quality housing units at Kingsway Continental is a significant contribution to increasing non-market rental housing stock in Vancouver. Located on Kingsway at Tyne, the City purchased the former Ramada to add new affordable housing. The positive impact of safe and affordable housing as a stabilizing effect on people’s lives cannot be overemphasized.

We’ve made important progress together toward ensuring that none of our fellow residents are ever forced to sleep on the street at night, but we still have a lot more work to do.

The infographic below highlights our action plan to rise to the challenge, and tells the story of the results we’ve achieved so far. I hope you’ll spread the word.


Mayor Gregor Robertson and City Council approved a new rental housing development at Heather Place today that will feature 230 units of new affordable rental housing in Vancouver’s Fairview neighbourhood – over half of which are geared towards families. 52 units will have subsidized rents to enhance affordability.

The two-building project on W 13th Avenue and W 14th Avenue at Willow Street will replace 86 units of Metro Vancouver housing in aging existing buildings. A tenant relocation agreement will also offer current tenants the opportunity to relocate into the new development and remain in their homes as the new construction proceeds in phases. Those who currently have subsidized rents will pay the same amount in the new units.

“Over half of all Vancouver residents rent their homes, and this project will provide urgently-needed new affordable rental housing in a way that supports families, fits with the neighbourhood, and protects current renters on site,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “This project builds on two consecutive record years for new rental housing in Vancouver, and reflects City Hall’s commitment to making our city more affordable for residents of all backgrounds – especially seniors, students, and young families.”


The City’s 2013 Housing Report Card, released today and presented to Council next Tuesday, shows that Vancouver is far exceeding its rental housing targets as part of a ten-year housing strategy.

In 2011, the City set the target of 1,500 new rental units by the end of 2014. As of today, the City is at 2,839 new rental units: achieving 189% of its current target, and more than halfway to Vancouver’s target for 2021.

“The record levels of new rental housing being built in Vancouver are an example of how our City’s housing plan is on the right track,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “We need new rental housing to give young families, students and seniors an opportunity to live in Vancouver. The majority of our rental housing is ageing and in need of repair. New rental housing is crucial to easing the pressures of Vancouver’s rental market and giving people a quality home in our city.”