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Vancouver firms met with their industry counterparts in China on Wednesday in a series of targeted meetings organized by the Vancouver Economic Commission. The intensive B2B meetings saw Vancouver companies connect to meaningful business opportunities with Chinese investors and strategic partners, which is already leading to mutually beneficial agreements and opening doors for Vancouver-based businesses.

Following the major deal signed on Monday between Vancouver’s Nerd Corps Entertainment and China’s Ciwen Media Group in Beijing, the Shanghai sessions explored lucrative possibilities for Vancouver’s digital animation sector and co-production and investment ventures with Chinese firms.

“The business was so good I lost my voice after eighteen back to back meetings,” said Barry Ward, President of Bardel Entertainment. “The quality of some of the animation studios I met with here was much higher than I expected. Co-production with Chinese companies means I can build my studios up in Vancouver and make products in China that are also going to be successful in the international market. Co-production is a cultural exchange that creates characters, stories and creative content that works for the world.”

Mayor Gregor Robertson is optimistic about the success of these meetings, which will set the stage for further development of Vancouver’s thriving digital and tech sectors:

“Vancouver’s booming digital media and tech sectors are drawing a lot of interest in China, and it’s great to see the opportunities that are emerging,” said the Mayor. “We have top-notch talent in our city that is getting some well-deserved recognition here in Shanghai.”


In a keynote address to the Vancouver Board of Trade this afternoon, Mayor Gregor Robertson outlined next steps to enhance competitiveness and ensure Vancouver’s growing economy is driven by a focus on innovation.

“Vancouver has a lot to be proud of: When many other cities and towns are struggling with instability and uncertainty, our economy is vibrant, dynamic, and growing,” said Mayor Robertson. “We cannot afford to take it for granted. We have decisions to make in the coming months and years that will shape our economic future and the lives of Vancouver’s people for generations to come.”

The Mayor announced that a record amount of new office space is under construction in Vancouver, with the past three years seeing 2.5 million square feet approved or built in downtown Vancouver – more than the entire preceding decade combined.


Statement from Mayor Robertson on TED Conference coming to Vancouver:

The world-renowned TED Conference moving to Vancouver is great news for our tourism industry and validation of our work to make our city a world leader in sustainability and innovation.

TED talks are known around the world for being a source of inspiration, innovation and an opportunity to rethink some of our most pressing challenges. Millions of people watch the talks in person and online. Having the TED organizers choose Vancouver as their new home is a big vote of confidence in the creative entrepreneurs, social innovators and community leaders who make Vancouver a leading-edge city.

The City is proud to have excellent partners in the Canadian Tourism Commission, Tourism Vancouver and the Vancouver Convention Centre that worked hard to support the TED Conference coming to Vancouver. We will work with TED and our sponsors to ensure the conference is a success and that we enable a variety of spin-off events to capitalize on being the host city. We look forward to welcoming TED here in 2014 and showing them everything Vancouver has to offer.


Mayor Gregor Robertson will be supporting a Council motion next week to develop a mobile ‘City App,’ which would increase access to city services and information for Vancouver residents and businesses.

“Vancouver is continuing to demonstrate leadership on how digital innovation can make a city more open, accessible and accountable to its citizens,” says Mayor Gregor Robertson. “A new mobile ‘City App’ would make the City’s key services accessible both quickly and more conveniently.”


 Good morning, and welcome. And a very special welcome to those of you coming here from beyond Metro Vancouver.

 We’re all grateful to the Coast Salish First Nations, in whose traditional territory we’re gathered today, for their generous hospitality.

I want to thank Chancellor Taylor and Chris Gailus for presiding over our Summit today.

Most of all, I want to thank each of you for joining us for two very busy days and for taking on the challenge of city-building.

And I want to take just a few minutes this morning to talk with you about that challenge. Because we’re only now coming to realize just how enormous it is.

City-building — sustainable, long-term city-building — is one of the most significant challenges we’ve ever faced. I don’t just mean in this generation. But ever.