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From the DBVIA website:

The DVBIA wishes to express its shock and dismay regarding the criminal activities that unfolded on the evening of June 15, 2011.

However, we have been heartened by the overwhelming outpouring of support from Mayor Gregor Robertson, Premier Christy Clark, City of Vancouver Councillors and thousands of Vancouverites. Our faith has been restored watching the hundreds of City crews clean up damage assisted by Vancouverites disgusted by the events they witnessed. Vancouverites have reclaimed their streets; have reclaimed their downtown. Thank you. See photos from the Clean up Effort by volunteers.

We encourage all Vancouverites to come downtown and visit our businesses, in particular, those that were affected. The DVBIA will also do all it can to assist those businesses.

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The City’s emergency homeless shelters have resulted in a significant drop in public disorder downtown, according to statistics compiled by the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association.

“Our emergency homeless shelters don’t just help people on the street, they also provide benefits to the City as a whole,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “Since the shelters opened in early December, we’ve seen significant drops in recorded incidents of trespassing and panhandling. It’s another indication that our efforts to reduce homelessness and help our most vulnerable are paying off.”

The statistics from the DVBIA show a number of positive trends due to the homeless shelters opening in December. These include: