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City Council approved the development of a new Vancouver Entrepreneur Fund, an arms-length venture capital fund that will raise private investment to support emerging start-up companies in Vancouver. The Fund will give the city’s tech sector in particular an added boost as it competes globally for talent and investment.

“We need to be fostering a competitive tech sector in Vancouver, one with better access to capital so our companies can grow and stay local,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “The Vancouver Entrepreneur Fund is based directly on the expert input we received from dozens of local companies and investors, which is that there is a lack of capital available for small and mid-size companies who want to expand. This Fund will help address that gap.

“My vision for Vancouver’s economic success includes local companies growing and expanding right here in our city. With the Vancouver Entrepreneur Fund, we’re improving the conditions for the success of local businesses right here in Vancouver.”


Vancouver firms met with their industry counterparts in China on Wednesday in a series of targeted meetings organized by the Vancouver Economic Commission. The intensive B2B meetings saw Vancouver companies connect to meaningful business opportunities with Chinese investors and strategic partners, which is already leading to mutually beneficial agreements and opening doors for Vancouver-based businesses.

Following the major deal signed on Monday between Vancouver’s Nerd Corps Entertainment and China’s Ciwen Media Group in Beijing, the Shanghai sessions explored lucrative possibilities for Vancouver’s digital animation sector and co-production and investment ventures with Chinese firms.

“The business was so good I lost my voice after eighteen back to back meetings,” said Barry Ward, President of Bardel Entertainment. “The quality of some of the animation studios I met with here was much higher than I expected. Co-production with Chinese companies means I can build my studios up in Vancouver and make products in China that are also going to be successful in the international market. Co-production is a cultural exchange that creates characters, stories and creative content that works for the world.”

Mayor Gregor Robertson is optimistic about the success of these meetings, which will set the stage for further development of Vancouver’s thriving digital and tech sectors:

“Vancouver’s booming digital media and tech sectors are drawing a lot of interest in China, and it’s great to see the opportunities that are emerging,” said the Mayor. “We have top-notch talent in our city that is getting some well-deserved recognition here in Shanghai.”


City of Vancouver and the VEC Mark Successful First Day of Vancouver-China Business Mission 2013:

The Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) and the City of Vancouver marked a productive first day of the Vancouver-China Business Mission 2013 as Vancouver-based Nerd Corps Entertainment, one of the largest animation studios in North America, confirmed a newly formed partnership with Ciwen Media Group, a leading Chinese production and distribution company. The two parties officially closed and announced this deal on November 4 in Beijing with the signing of an agreement after a full day of business-to-business meetings, investment panels and networking opportunities.

Through this deal, Ciwen will manage Nerd Corps’ latest boy’s action property Slugterra in Mainland China. The rights to this property include merchandise, consumer products, TV rights and non-exclusive digital media. The partnership will also see new content co-developed for the brand in 2014, including a 90-minute film slated for theatrical release in China, with deals in the works for North American and worldwide releases.

“Nerd Corps is a great example of Vancouver’s booming digital media sector, one that is seeing rapid growth in both jobs and investment,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “I’m excited to see Nerd Corps launch this new partnership with Ciwen Media Group and gain greater access to the Chinese market, and to do so as part of our Vancouver-China Business Mission. This deal is significant because it involves Vancouver-created content being marketed in China and signals the kind of successful partnership that is driving the growth of our digital media industry. Congrats to Nerd Corps on this exciting deal.”


In a keynote address this week to the Vancouver Board of Trade, Mayor Gregor Robertson outlined next steps to enhance competitiveness and ensure Vancouver’s growing economy is driven by a focus on innovation. Here are some highlights of the reaction from the press and on social media:


In a keynote address to the Vancouver Board of Trade this afternoon, Mayor Gregor Robertson outlined next steps to enhance competitiveness and ensure Vancouver’s growing economy is driven by a focus on innovation.

“Vancouver has a lot to be proud of: When many other cities and towns are struggling with instability and uncertainty, our economy is vibrant, dynamic, and growing,” said Mayor Robertson. “We cannot afford to take it for granted. We have decisions to make in the coming months and years that will shape our economic future and the lives of Vancouver’s people for generations to come.”

The Mayor announced that a record amount of new office space is under construction in Vancouver, with the past three years seeing 2.5 million square feet approved or built in downtown Vancouver – more than the entire preceding decade combined.


This week the City of Vancouver approved its first-ever digital strategy, continuing City Hall’s work to support the local digital economy and improve service delivery for citizens. Here’s some of the reaction from the press and on social media: