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Vancouver City Council passed the 2012 City Operating Budget tonight at a Special Council Meeting, investing in affordable housing, parks and recreation services, and libraries, as part of a forward-looking fiscal plan for the coming year.

“Even in the midst of a challenging economic climate and a $52 million budget gap, we’ve delivered a budget that is balanced, progressive, and pragmatic,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “This budget fully protects and supports programs that impact Vancouver’s most vulnerable, including priority investments for homelessness and affordable housing, child care and seniors. We’re protecting all funding and support for arts and culture programming, continuing our support for Vancouver’s Greenest City goals, and increasing support for Vancouver’s public libraries and parks and recreation services.”


Focus on developing human resources to support a green economy

The City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) announced today that Campus-City Collaborative’s (C3) second initiative, The Green Workforce Development Symposium, will be held Friday, March 2, 2012. The purpose of this symposium is to understand private sector needs for green jobs, assess current green curriculums, and identify training and education opportunities for students with respect to green jobs.

“C3 is driving innovation towards Vancouver’s growth as a mecca for the green economy by drawing on the creativity of student leaders from across the city,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “Together with industry experts and the VEC, the C3 Green Symposium will help us map out a strategy to create the kind of green jobs that will keep our local economy competitive and resilient.”



The City of Vancouver has bestowed its highest award, the Freedom of the City, on former Vancouver City Councillor and tireless advocate Jim Green.

“Jim Green has made a profound impact on the City of Vancouver and he continues to be a passionate advocate for social justice, democracy, the arts and the shaping of an inclusive city for all residents,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson.


 The City of Vancouver today launched an $800,000 city-wide pilot project that will bring electric vehicle charging stations to diverse locations around Vancouver, thanks to investments from the Governments of Canada and British Columbia, BC Hydro, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the City itself.

The Charge and Go Vancouver Trial will see the installation of up to 67 Level I (110V) and Level II(240V) electric vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout the city by the end of 2013, helping to accelerate the use of plug-in EVs in Vancouver. These will provide motorists with significantly more charging options than currently exist and will enhance the local EV charging network.


Op-Ed as published in The Globe and Mail online

By Gregor Robertson and Naheed Nenshi

If you’re one of the 80 percent of Canadians who lives in one of our country’s cities, chances are you’re fiercely proud of it. Our cities can match anywhere in the world for vibrancy, quality of life, entrepreneurial spirit and creative and civic culture.

But there’s no guarantee that will last. Canada’s cities face big challenges in the next few decades: managing growth, improving liveability, becoming more sustainable, and making city living far more affordable.


A big welcome to all of you for coming, business and community leaders, fellow elected officials. Greetings from the people of Vancouver.

Over the years it seems that half of Toronto has moved to Vancouver, so thanks for sharing your talent and hello from all your ex-pats on the west coast!

We have the good luck to live and work in two of the greatest cities in Canada – and not just Canada. Two of the world’s great cities.

We have cities with wonderful neighbourhoods to live in, neighbourhoods that inspire fierce pride.