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Last night, Mayor Gregor Robertson and City Council approved an innovative proposal that will see 31 social housing units built as part of a new fire hall in the Victoria-Fraserview/Killarney neighbourhood, in partnership with the YWCA.

“This project builds on City Hall’s work to deliver urgently needed affordable family housing,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “By partnering with the YWCA, we’re supporting low-income women and their families, delivering housing that our city needs and helping to provide new opportunity to many of our most vulnerable residents.”


Following a public hearing last night, the City of Vancouver’s by-law for social housing now includes legal requirements for affordability of the units, strengthening the protection of low-income housing in Vancouver.

“By putting firm affordability requirements in place, Council is making sure that more social housing is going towards people on low incomes,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “These changes reflect what we heard from hundreds of workshops and community consultations during the development of a new Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Plan. This is a significant step and one that adds to our work to build and protect affordable housing in Vancouver.”


More than 50% of new rental and social housing approved in the past decade was done in the last two years alone, according to City of Vancouver data that demonstrates an affordable housing surge in Vancouver.

According to year-to-date data through July 2014, 67% of all rental housing approved since 2003, and 55% of all social housing approved since 2003, has taken place since 2012.

“We’re seeing record levels of new rental and social housing being built in Vancouver, which is crucial for building a future where our city is more inclusive and prosperous,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “We’re seeing new housing built that meets the needs of people who live and work in our city. Our housing plan and programs are working and the shovels in the ground prove it.”


Mayor Gregor Robertson and City Council voted today to approve a balanced and community-driven plan for Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) that will build significant new affordable housing and revitalize the neighbourhood’s heritage character.

The plan’s approval follows three years of development by a resident-led committee, and the hosting of over 300 meetings and consultation events.

“The Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan represents a thoughtful, balanced, and resident-driven vision for Vancouver’s oldest and most diverse neighbourhood,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “This plan reflects residents’ aspirations for a community with safer and more stable housing, protections for low-income residents, stronger support for mental health and addictions, and a more vibrant local economy.

“This plan will create a healthier, more inclusive neighbourhood – but not at the expense of low-income residents.”

Strong new measures are incorporated to protect and improve existing low-income housing while adding new affordable options both in and outside of the neighbourhood, including 3,350 social housing units outside the DTES over the next 30 years.


An innovative project approved unanimously by the Mayor and City Council at tonight’s Public Hearing will deliver a new public library branch and new social housing in Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood, with housing units focused on supporting low-income single mothers and their children.

The six-storey mixed-use building at 720/730 East Hastings will host a new 11,000 sq. ft. branch of the Vancouver Public Library on its ground floor and part of the second floor, which will also include a new social service centre operated by the YWCA. The YWCA will also operate 21 new units of social/supportive housing throughout the remainder of the project.

“This project is a strong example of the kind of innovative City partnerships that can improve our neighbourhoods, support low-income families, and help end street homelessness by providing urgently-needed new social housing,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “With the support and involvement of both the Vancouver Public Library and the YWCA, this project will be a focal point for a stronger community in Strathcona and builds on the City’s commitment to deliver housing and crucial social services to Vancouver families in need.”


A project approved by the Mayor and City Council at last night’s Public Hearing will deliver substantial new social and rental housing in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, with a special focus on housing for low-income women.

The fourteen-storey mixed-use building at 33-49 West Hastings will provide 102 new units of social/supportive housing and 67 units of new affordable rental housing, ensuring a diverse, balanced mix of housing opportunities. 11,074 sq. ft. of commercial space in the project’s first two floors is also currently planned for use as a low-cost food and grocery store, primarily aimed at serving low-income residents in the neighbourhood.

52 of the supportive housing units will rent at the shelter component of income assistance (currently $375 per month for a single individual and $525 per month for a couple). This Atira project would prioritize housing for women and residents needing support with ongoing mental health challenges, in partnership with a variety of community-based mental health support organizations.