Latest drops in crime show Vancouver’s crime strategy working, says Mayor

January 16, 2012 | Safer Communities

A new report coming to the Vancouver Police Board shows significant drops in crime compared to 2010 as well as over a five-year period – a sign that the Vancouver Police Department’s crime strategy is working, says Mayor Gregor Robertson.
The report shows that since 2007, there has been a 29% drop in property crime, a 12% drop in violent crime, and a 52 second drop in response times, among others. There were also year-over-year decreases for property and violent crime between 2010 and 2011 in Vancouver.

“The VPD’s strategic plan is clearly paying off, and we are making significant progress towards achieving the goal of becoming the safest major city in Canada,” says Mayor Robertson. “Our work in reducing street homelessness by 82% has also helped deliver drops in crime, particularly downtown.

“I want to recognize the leadership of Chief Jim Chu and the men and women of the VPD, as well as our community policing centres and all of the volunteers who are making our neighbourhoods safer every day.”

With the goals of decreasing property crime by 20% and violent crime by 10% from 2008-2012, the VPD has already surpassed both of these targets. The report can be viewed here.