Council Lifts Moratorium on New taxi Licenses

April 11, 2017 | News

On Tuesday, April 11th, Council unanimously passed the following motion to lift the moratorium on taxi licenses in the City of Vancouver:


WHEREAS the Passenger Transportation Board released a decision April 7 approving, after a period of delay, the application of the four Vancouver taxi companies to add 175 taxis to the Vancouver fleet, including 26 wheelchair accessible taxis; and

WHEREAS council has previously indicated its support for expansion of the taxi fleet as proposed by the Vancouver taxi industry;

WHEREAS council has imposed a moratorium on the issuance of new licences pending the PTB decision in this matter which does not expire until October 2017; and

WHEREAS there is an urgent need for additional taxi capacity in the City of Vancouver that could be met with these licences;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that council direct staff to bring forward, as soon as possible, a bylaw to lift the current moratorium and to provide for the licensing of the 175 taxis mandated in the PTB decision, with measures to:

  • ensure to the largest degree possible that wheelchair accessible taxis are introduced on a priority basis;
  • withhold approval of suburban taxis pending resolution of provincial ride-sharing policy.