Mayor Robertson to Support Motion to Bring Traffic-Related Fatalities to Zero by 2040

April 4, 2016 | Safer Communities

Mayor Gregor Robertson will be supporting a motion put forward by Councillor Heather Deal on Tuesday that takes further steps toward the City of Vancouver’s Transportation 2040 goal of achieving zero traffic-related fatalities.

“Our ultimate goal is to eliminate all fatalities within our active transportation system and make sure road users feel safe and comfortable getting around Vancouver, whether by bike, foot, car or transit,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “I strongly support this motion and hope for unanimous Council support in making our City safer for all road users, regardless of their transportation mode. We need to keep making strides to ensure that our streets and sidewalks are safe for people of all ages and abilities.”

Traffic fatalities have declined dramatically since 1997. Most recently, the City announced it is testing rapid flashing beacons at three crosswalks to further improve pedestrian safety.

Councillor Deal’s motion directs City staff to report on a strategy that includes:

  • a review of best practices from other jurisdictions,
  • an action plan to achieve zero traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries, and
  • a strategy to accelerate the plan’s implementation.

If the motion passes, staff will report to Council with short-term recommendation in June and longer-term policies by November 2016.

Upgrading and expanding the City’s active transportation system has been a key component of enhancing safety for pedestrians and cyclists under Transportation 2040. The City has completed 68 of 69 priority actions undertaken by a pedestrian safety study and action plan, and is in process of implementing new bikeway designs identified in a cycling safety study. The City strives to provide active transportation infrastructure that allows residents of all ages and abilities, including seniors, new riders and children to comfortably, conveniently and safely get around the city.