Mayor Robertson’s Statement on the Balmoral Hotel

"The living conditions in the Balmoral Hotel, a single-room occupancy hotel owned by the Sahota family, are disgusting - no resident of Vancouver should have to live in housing like that. The repeated building and safety violations are putting some of our most vulnerable residents at risk and are a massive strain on City resources.

"Since November, the City has referred more than 150 issues at the Balmoral to prosecution. However, we've seen in the past that these prosecutions don't always get landlords to change their behaviour. We have also required them to make over a $1M in structural repairs to the first floor bar and building envelope and to hire professional engineers to conduct a full assessment of the building. Our staff are looking at every possible legal and regulatory tool we have available to force the Sahota family to improve the Balmoral and hold them accountable for ignoring City by-laws. We are also looking at what tools a new provincial government could provide us to ensure low-income housing is protected and negligent landlords are held responsible for letting their buildings fall into disrepair."