Mayor Robertson's Statement on Incidents of Hate, Discrimination, Racism in Vancouver

“Recently, we have seen a number of incidents take place in Vancouver that threaten the inclusivity and safety of our city. From the burning of an image of the Israeli flag in protest to the Jerusalem debate this weekend, to the violent and unprovoked attack of a Muslim woman riding the SkyTrain last week, to some graffiti featuring hateful anti-Chinese racial slurs and swastikas in Marpole.

The City of Vancouver strives to be a place where people from around the world are made to feel welcome, respected and safe. While we respect people’s rights to exercise their free speech in peaceful ways and value non-violent protest, the City of Vancouver has a zero tolerance policy on hate, racism and discrimination.

We have followed up and removed the offensive graffiti in Marpole, authorities have made an arrest in the attack of Noor Fadel on SkyTrain, and we do not condone the burning of the images of Israeli flags because it was seen as an aggressive and threatening act that made some people feel fearful for their safety.  

We will remain very vigilant against acts that threaten the diversity, safety and inclusivity of our city.”