Statement from Mayor Robertson on Character Home Review

As Vancouver grapples with an unprecedented housing and affordability crisis that touches all incomes and neighbourhoods, City Council and staff are considering how we create many more homes in our low and moderate density neighbourhoods.   

On Tuesday, head planner Gil Kelley will be updating Council on the Character Homes Review. One thing I've heard clearly in this consultation so far is that the conversation people want to be having is around affordability, and housing that meets their needs. People are feeling squeezed out and despite our City's booming economy and population, our single family home neighbourhoods are losing people: since 2011, 300 in Dunbar, 700 in Arbutus Ridge, and 800 in Kerrisdale. It's clear our lowest density neighbourhoods are changing and we need to make sure they’re changing for the people who need them.
Now is the right time to advance the conversation for more affordability and a mix of housing types that fit within our single family home neighbourhoods. That means significant new housing like townhomes, row houses, infills and duplexes that will support young people and families, fill neighbourhood schools, and make our streets and parks more dynamic and vibrant.
The City's Character Home Review is the first of several updates and new policies that make up the City's Housing Reset, which will be rolled out in the coming months. The Reset will have both immediate actions for affordable housing and a long-term plan to guide our housing strategy. All options are on the table to keep Vancouver liveable, inclusive, and affordable now and for years to come.