Statement from Mayor Robertson on NEB judicial review

The City of Vancouver has taken formal legal action calling out the NEB’s invalid and unlawful decision to recommend Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion. The NEB process for reviewing Kinder Morgan’s pipeline was flawed and biased, shutting both scientific evidence – on the consequences of a major oil spill on our coast, and the impact of greenhouse gas emissions - and community voices out of the process.

I am encouraged to see the Trudeau government appoint a Ministerial Panel to further and more thoroughly consult First Nations and affected communities along the pipeline route, as an opportunity to rectify the flawed NEB process by considering additional evidence not contained in the written submissions to the NEB. I am confident that the Ministerial Panel will see that, on balance, there is no benefit from Kinder Morgan’s pipeline for local Vancouver communities or Canada as a whole.

Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion is a bad deal for Vancouver’s economy and environment. The impact of an oil spill from seven times the number of oil tankers transiting our harbor each month is simply too high, and would have catastrophic impacts on our coast. As Mayor, I will keep advocating to the federal government to reject this pipeline until we hear a definitive ‘no’ to Kinder Morgan’s expansion proposal.

-Mayor Gregor Robertson