Vancouver Tops Canada for Biking to Work

May 4, 2016 | Better Transit

The report, presented to Council this morning shows that 10 per cent of Vancouverties commute to work by bicycle – an indication that Vancouver might surpass Portland with the highest cycling commuting rate in North America.

“These new biking records clearly show that the City’s investments in Vancouver’s active transportation network are paying off big - reducing car traffic and making it safer and more affordable for people to get around,” says Mayor Gregor Robertson. “There's more work to do, and Council will continue working to make Vancouver an even more safe, accessible and vibrant City for residents of all ages and abilities.”

Other report highlights include:

·         Walking rates are high and stable at 27%

·         Vehicle kilometers traveled by Vancouver residents continues to fall and is 27% below 2007 levels;

·         Car share memberships increasing with 26% of Vancouver residents having a car share membership;

·         Along the Comox Helmken Greenway alone, cycling trips increased by 49% and vehicle  trips were down by 35%.

This summer, the City will be launching its public bike share program, which will see up to 1500 bikes across 150 stations available for short-term public use. The bike share program aims to fill any remaining gaps in the active transportation network, making it easier for residents to get around the City between transit stations, and facilitate walking or biking in the downtown core and beyond.

Upgrading and expanding the City’s active transportation system has been a key component of encouraging mode share (trips made by foot, bike and transit) under Transportation 2040. Last year, the City reached its goal of achieving seven per cent of all trips made by bicycle, ahead of its 2020 target. 

The City strives to provide active transportation infrastructure that allows residents of all ages and abilities, including seniors, new riders and children to comfortably, conveniently and safely get around the city.