Mayor Supports Call for Extensive Overhaul of Municipal Elections

January 24, 2012 | Engaged City

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson will be supporting a council motion increasing fairness and citizen involvement in municipal elections, saying major changes need to be made to improve the democratic process at the local level.

“The current rules are out of date with the types of elections being run in Vancouver and across BC,” says Mayor Gregor Robertson. “It’s time the Province took major steps to increase the fairness and transparency of local elections.”

A motion from City Councillor Andrea Reimer is coming forward next week, asking for the Provincial Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development to introduce legislation to update the Vancouver Charter. Changes that Councillor Reimer seeks include:

·        Setting limits on annual contribution amounts to individual candidates and elector organizations;
·        Banning union and corporate donations;
·        Annual spending limits by candidates and elector organizations;
·        Continuous disclosure of donations and expenses.

“I fully support the changes being asked for in Councillor Reimer’s motion and hope that the rest of city council will unanimously support it,” adds the Mayor. “Many of these rules are already in place at the provincial and federal levels, or cities in the United States. It’s time we had them implemented in Vancouver, and I urge the Province to take action to address these longstanding issues.”