Mayor's statement on Stanley Cup playoff preparations

March 27, 2012 | Safer Communities

Mayor Robertson made the following statement today at a media briefing on coordinated planning for Stanley Cup playoff preparations:


Today the City of Vancouver and our partners are providing an update on our plan to organize fun, responsible playoff celebrations for Canuck fans of all ages this spring.

I believe this year’s plan for the playoffs strikes the right balance between encouraging Canuck fans to celebrate and support local businesses, while incorporating the lessons learned from last year’s public events.

The changes we have made and the plans we’re putting forward have been in the works for many months, and they build on the recommendations of the independent review conducted by John Furlong and Doug Keefe, as well as reports by City staff, the VPD, and the Ottawa police.

And I want to thank John for offering up his time to review this year’s plans, and join us here today to share his thoughts.

We’ve been working hard to ensure that the lessons we all learned from last year’s Game 7 are reflected in well-integrated plans for a safe and positive celebration in 2012.

This year’s plan reaches above and beyond those lessons to ensure we celebrate this Stanley Cup run in a fun and safe way that reflects the true character, values, and pride of Canucks fans from Vancouver and across our region.

We’re focusing on neighbourhood celebrations, with fun, family-oriented events throughout the city.

With our partners at the DVBIA, we’re encouraging people to support downtown businesses, and come downtown to celebrate responsibly.

And if the Canucks go the distance – which we’re all hoping they do – we’re prepared to scale up our plans, and to have Rogers Arena open for away games -- the Canucks are planning this themselves.

I really want to recognize the tremendous amount of effort and collaboration from so many different stakeholders, many of whom are joining us today:

The Canucks
Vancouver Coastal Health
BC Ambulance Service
Emergency Management BC
Liquor Control and Licensing

Thanks to all of you for working with us, sharing your expertise, resources and knowledge to put this year’s plans in place.

If there was one clear takeaway from John’s report last year, it was the absolute necessity of having all stakeholders working and collaborating together – and I’m pleased that this goal is shared by all of our partner organizations.

I’m confident that this year won’t just be the best playoff run for the Canucks, but it’ll be the best-ever run for the City as well.

Thank you


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