Mayor's statement regarding Kitsilano Coast Guard closure

January 9, 2013 | Safer Communities

Statement from the Mayor - 9 January, 2013

The City of Vancouver remains very concerned about closure of the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base. Vancouver is one of the busiest harbours in North America and depends on robust search and rescue services that are professionally-trained and fully-resourced by the federal government.

Two thirds of all life-at-risk calls happen outside of the summer months, when the Coal Harbour in-shore rescue boat will not even be in operation. Response times from the nearest Coast Guard base on Sea Island could extend past 30 minutes, putting lives at risk when each and every minute counts.

The Kitsilano Coast Guard base responds to over 300 calls each year. In the event of major freighter, cruise ship, or aviation emergency, the Kitsilano closure is certain to put many additional lives in danger.

I hope the Federal Government will reverse its decision and act to safeguard Vancouver’s busy harbour by keeping the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base open.