New Translink study strengthens the case for Broadway Subway to UBC

March 7, 2013 | Jobs and the Economy

A study released by Translink provides new information supporting a subway as the rapid transit solution for the UBC-Broadway Corridor, with data showing that a subway provides the most travel time savings, greenhouse gas reductions, and would attract the most riders out of any transit option.

"Translink's new report lays out a number of compelling reasons why a subway to UBC is the best solution for the Broadway Corridor," said Mayor Robertson. "This data strengthens the case for why building a subway would benefit not just Vancouver, but cities throughout Metro Vancouver."

The Translink report "UBC Line Rapid Transit Alternatives Analysis" began in 2009 and evaluates several rapid transit options for Broadway, including rapid bus service and light rail. It found that a subway:

  • would slash travel time from Commercial to UBC in half, to 19 minutes
  • would attract five times the number of new transit trips than an LRT system
  • provides over 40% more greenhouse gas reductions capabilities than LRT

The report acknowledged that light rail technology would require permanent disruptions to parking and left turn options along the retail corridor. As well, Translink's public consultations found that even with the cost factored in, people preferred a subway over all other transit options, and that it had four times the support that LRT received.

"Broadway is the busiest bus corridor in North America, and we're seeing over 500,000 pass-ups every year," added Mayor Robertson. "It's also the second biggest business district in the province. With UBC making significant investments in life sciences and medical research, creating thousands of good-paying jobs in the Corridor, there is no question we need a subway to handle the influx of people and job growth that we know is coming.

"This latest report by Translink provides more evidence for why a subway is the right investment for the UBC-Broadway Corridor."
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