Mayor launches new online tools to build stronger civic engagement

May 23, 2013 | Engaged City

Today Mayor Gregor Robertson announced a series of next steps for the public to participate in developing the final report of the Engaged City Task Force, as part of a push to strengthen civic engagement and modernize consultation in Vancouver.

The Mayor and the Engaged City Task Force launched a new Online Ideas Forum where Vancouver residents can post ideas, make comments, and answer questions posed by the Task Force, with the input to be incorporated into the final report in July.

Click here to visit the new Online Ideas Forum

The Task Force also launched the new @EngagedCity twitter channel to solicit feedback and tweet ideas for discussion and commentary.

“In a time of fast-moving technological change, it’s important the City’s services and decision-making processes are made to be as open, accessible and engaging as possible,” said the Mayor. “Expanding the City’s engagement online and on social media will be a crucial component of our work to build a stronger and more civic-minded community, and I look forward to building on the input we receive from these important new tools.”

Today the Mayor also joined HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes for a live online Q&A at the company’s headquarters. HootSuite is a Vancouver-based tech company that has grown into a global leader in social media. The City of Vancouver recently signed a contract with HootSuite to use their HootSuite Enterprise software for the management of all of the City’s social media feeds. A Storify summary of the online Q &A can be viewed here and below.

The use of social media was a major theme of yesterday’s first report of the Engaged City Task Force, with short-term recommendations that also included bringing 3-1-1 online, creating an Engaged City Listserv, launching an Online Engagement Panel, and working to develop a new online crowd-sourced list of venues for arts & culture, community and special events in Vancouver.

To read the first report of the Engaged City Task Force, please click here:

#EngagedCity Town Hall at HootSuite
Today the Mayor joined HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes for a live online Q&A at the company’s headquarters, discussing how to make Vancouver a more #EngagedCity after the first Task Force report. It's a conversation that trended nationally on twitter - Here's part of the exchange!