Vancouver passes 2014 Budget: Low taxes and even better services

December 17, 2013 | Jobs and the Economy

The Mayor and City Council passed Vancouver’s 2014 budget today, delivering low taxes, even better City services, and investments in key programs.

“Vancouver is on the right track with a budget that keeps taxes low and offers better services and community programming than ever before, despite this being a difficult time for many local governments,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “Our consistent commitment to strong business discipline at City Hall has saved taxpayers over $53 million over the last five years, allowing Vancouver to make unprecedented investments in priorities such as affordable housing, better transportation, and child care.”

With a property tax increase limited to just 1.9%, the City of Vancouver has the 2nd-lowest residential tax rate and the 4th-lowest business tax rate in the Metro Vancouver region. Vancouver’s total debt outstanding has declined by $191 million since 2009.

292 metrics included in the budget on a wide range of city services also demonstrate that more Vancouver residents are enjoying key community programs than ever before. This year has seen a record number of in-person library visits (6.2 million), pool visits (2.88million), and rink visits.

“The record usage of Vancouver’s world-class network of recreation facilities and libraries detailed in this budget demonstrates that Vancouver residents are getting even better value for their tax dollars,” added the Mayor. “The budget also continues the City’s investments to ensure better garbage and food scraps pick-up, even better service from our fire department, and significant improvements in public safety, with the rates of property crime, violent crime, and overall crime all having fallen substantially since 2008.”

The 2014 Capital Plan will also see $72 million invested in better transportation, $19 million for parks and green space, and $17 million for new affordable housing.

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