Regional Transportation Plan moves Metro Vancouver forward

June 12, 2014 | Better Transit

Today the City of Vancouver stood alongside municipalities from around the region in releasing the Mayors’ Council's "Regional Transportation Investments - A Vision for Metro Vancouver." The plan identifies new transportation services to meet the needs of the growing region, enhance our economy, support our quality of life and protect our health and environment.

“Moving forward with this plan after years of input is great news for Vancouver and our whole region. This 10-year plan clearly outlines the priorities for new transit investment that will cut congestion, grow our economy and expand transportation choices,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson.

“We need to prepare for more than one million more people moving into Metro Vancouver in the next 30 years. This plan addresses today’s challenges and lays the groundwork for the strong transportation network that we need to meet that new demand. We simply cannot afford to go backward with reduced transit service and crippling gridlock.”

The plan improves transit service across the board and throughout the region, with new rapid transit south of the Fraser River and a 25 per cent region-wide increase in bus service, including 11 new B-Lines. The plan also calls for rapid transit along the Broadway Corridor between Commercial Drive and UBC, with the first phase of the project a tunnelled extension - not cut and cover - of the Millennium Line to Arbutus Street.

The City of Vancouver’s Transportation 2040 Plan identified rapid transit for the Broadway Corridor as the City’s number one transportation priority and one of the most significant infrastructure investments for our region’s future.

Broadway is North America’s busiest bus corridor, with over half a million passengers passed by every year. Almost 50 per cent of the trips to the corridor begin outside of Vancouver. With this critical Broadway rapid transit project, the regional transit network will be expanded, connecting residents, workers and students across the region.
Regional Transportation Plan moves Metro Vancouver forward by Vancouver Mayors Office