Vancouver City Council unanimously supports “Yes” vote in transit referendum

January 15, 2015 | Better Transit

Vancouver City Council voted unanimously today to support the ‘Yes’ side in the upcoming transit referendum, building support for better transit and roads throughout Metro Vancouver.

“Vancouver is sending a message that we need to do everything we can to ensure the referendum passes, so that we can cut congestion, protect our environment and grow our economy,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “With Metro Vancouver’s population increasing by another one million people by 2040, we have to invest in better transit. The alternative is crippling gridlock and traffic congestion that will destroy our region’s livability.”

The motion was introduced by City Councillor George Affleck, which called for City Council to support the Mayor in his efforts to ensure the plebiscite succeeds, and for staff to report back on work underway to build support.

“It’s crucial that Vancouver take the lead to ensure ongoing financial stability and predictability for the region’s transportation infrastructure,” said Councillor George Affleck. “Vancouver’s long term prosperity depends on a ‘Yes’ vote. As we begin the tough campaign for our community’s support for the ‘Yes’ side, we must accentuate the positive outcomes of what is planned.”

“I want to thank Councillor Affleck for bringing this motion forward, and for all of City Council for supporting it,” said the Mayor. “The fact that all of City Council is united in supporting a ‘Yes’ vote sends a clear signal of how important it is that we cut congestion and improve transit, both in Vancouver and throughout the region.”

Metro Vancouver residents will vote on whether or not to invest in better transit and roads through a mail-in ballot from March 16 to May 29th. A Yes vote will support a comprehensive plan that will benefit cities throughout Metro Vancouver with 11 new express buses, more frequent bus service, upgrades to roads, and a new Pattullo Bridge, along with investments in new light-rail in Surrey and a Broadway Subway in Vancouver.