June sees record bike ridership throughout Vancouver

July 23, 2015 | Better Transit

Bike volumes continue to increase across Vancouver in 2015, with record levels at seven of the ten protected bike routes in the city.  In particular, there has been a notable jump in bike volumes along Point Grey following the completion of the Seaside Greenway last summer.

On Canada Day, Wednesday, July 1, 2015, the bike counters at both Burrard and Cornwall, and Science World marked record bike volumes. The publically-visible bike counters recorded 8,200 cycle trips at Burrard and Cornwall, and 8,700 at Science World.

The Burrard Bridge bike counter continues to show increasing trip volumes, with:

  • Weekend averages in June rising from 4,200 trips in 2014 to 6,600 trips in 2015
  • Weekday trips rising from 5,500 on a weekday in 2014 to 6,400 in 2015

Before completing the final phase of the Seaside Greenway, the average weekday number of cyclist trips was 600 (August 2012). In August 2014, the month after completion, the weekday average jumped to 2,700, with a weekend average of 3,300.

Total monthly bike trip volume continues to rise across the city 

Bike route June 2014
bike trip volume
June 2015
bike trip volume
% increase
Burrard Bridge   148,000 190,000 28%
Hornby*  59,000 73,000 24%
Dunsmuir Street*  58,000 67,000 15%
Dunsmuir Viaduct*  60,000 76,000 27%
Canada Line Bridge*  26,000 28,000 8%
Union and Hawks*  103,000 115,000 12%
Lions Gate*  63,000 70,000 11%
Science World*  146,000 191,000 31%
10th and Clark  62,000 82,000 32%
Point Grey*  n/a 96,000 n/a

* Routes that experienced record high bike volumes in June 2015. Lions Gate also experienced 70,000 trips in July 2013.

Half of all trips are made on foot, bike, or transit

In May 2015 the City reached a 50/50 mode split, with 50% of all trips in Vancouver made by foot, bicycle, and public transit.

Protected cycling lanes are part of the City’s commitment to make cycling safe, convenient, comfortable, and fun for people of all ages and abilities, as outlined in the Transportation 2040 Plan.

Bike counters – manual surveys and counts, and automated counters – have been used in Vancouver since the mid-1990s.

You can find information on bike lanes here.