Vancouver signs global Urban Food Policy Pact at world expo

In celebration of World Food Day, the City of Vancouver joined over 40 cities across the globe today in signing an Urban Food Policy Pact to address food security and sustainable development. 

"Vancouver is pleased to join a global movement that supports food security, ensuring access to safe, nutritious, affordable food for all,” says Mayor Gregor Robertson. “As a city we’re committed to supporting and promoting sustainable food systems through our Vancouver Food Strategy, as healthy food systems are central to the health and well-being of our communities.”

About World Food Day

Founded by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, World Food Day is celebrated annually to help increase awareness of world hunger and poverty. 

This year, in recognition of the 70th anniversary of World Food Day and key legacy of the World Expo in Milan, a pact was created by the City of Milan, in partnership with cities around the world to engage mayors and policymakers in the coordination of urban food policies across the globe. 

The Pact will commit cities to:

  • Develop sustainable food systems that are inclusive
  • Ensure access to healthy and affordable food
  • Strengthen urban agriculture practices 

Learn about the UrbanFood Policy Pact

Becoming a global leader in urban food systems - Vancouver Food Strategy

In 2013, City Council adopted the Vancouver Food Strategy as part of the Greenest City initiative to become a global leader in urban food systems by 2020. Developing sustainable food systems is also part of the Healthy City Strategy

For more than a decade, we have been working in partnership with the Vancouver Food Policy Council and numerous community organizations to support a just and sustainable food system. 

Goals of the Vancouver Food Strategy

The goals outlined in the Vancouver Food Strategy express how we want our food systems to take shape in the future, including:

  • Supporting food friendly neighbourhoods
  • Empowering residents to take action
  • Improving access to healthy food
  • Making food a centrepiece of the green economy

Direct outcomes of the Vancouver Food Strategy

Some of the direct outcomes of the Vancouver Food Strategy include:

  • Increased community garden plots
  • Expansion of farmers markets and urban agriculture projects such as beehives and backyard chickens

View the Vancouver Food Strategy