Statement from Mayor Robertson on new tools for housing affordability

“The concerns raised about the rapid resale of homes highlight how we need new tools from the provincial government to properly manage Vancouver and BC's real estate market. The tools we do have are woefully inadequate and out of date, and we cannot have housing treated as just a commodity. I've called for a speculation tax in the past as one tool - but by no means the only one - to help create a more level playing field. But any discussion about affordable housing needs to recognize we need a big boost in the supply of homes for people on low and middle incomes.
“I'm supportive of any efforts to get better information about our housing market, whether it's allegations about the flipping of homes, runaway insider profits, or questions about global investment in housing. Other jurisdictions, like the United States and Australia, have far more comprehensive data about who is buying and selling homes. It is time that British Columbia caught up with them.”

Gregor Robertson
Mayor, City of Vancouver