Statement from Mayor Gregor Robertson on Major Housing, Transit Investments in Federal Budget

Vancouver is grappling with a tough affordability crisis and today’s federal budget is an encouraging step to tackle our biggest challenges - with meaningful investments in housing, public transit and social infrastructure.

I’m particularly pleased to see a commitment of $11.2 billion earmarked for housing nationally, plus maintaining operating agreements for co-ops, a magnitude of investment that is sorely needed. These federal dollars and support need to flow urgently to bring relief to the tremendous pressure facing residents across Vancouver who struggle to access housing. Cities across Canada are ready to work swiftly with the federal government to support the implementation of a new National Housing Strategy when it’s put forward in the coming months. Vancouver has 20 sites of City-owned land ready for the federal government to partner on to help us deliver thousands of new affordable homes.

Today’s historic $2.2 billion investment in transit and transportation, the largest in Metro Vancouver in 20+ years, is a game changer for our region. This dedicated funding will support our growing region, keeping people moving and growing the economy while protecting our environment. Metro Mayors are ready to roll up our sleeves and work with the BC government to take advantage of this opportunity from the Trudeau government and match this funding with additional dollars to deliver crucial new projects like the Broadway Subway.

-Mayor Gregor Robertson