Mayor Robertson thanks people of Vancouver for Olympic Games success

March 1, 2010 | Uncategorized

Mayor Gregor Robertson’s first order of business following the end of the 2010 Olympic Games was to thank the people of Vancouver for the overwhelming success of the biggest event in the country's history.

"These Games were a success because of the contributions and spirit of the people of Vancouver," said Mayor Robertson in his first post-games statement. "From the countless hours of volunteer time, to the care and courtesy showed to our visitors, to ensuring our transportation plan was a success, Vancouverites not only welcomed the world with open arms, they made sure everyone’s visit was safe and enjoyable.

"The result is that we hosted the greatest Winter Games in history and have boosted our City’s reputation in the eyes of the world."

The Mayor went on to outline three key things the people of Vancouver did that contributed to a great experience for the world:

- By reducing their reliance on cars, Vancouverites set new records for transit, walking and cycling, and helped reach the Olympic traffic reduction targets. During the Games, Vancouver’s transit system had the third highest daily ridership in North America, behind only New York and Mexico City.

- Whether acting as a direct volunteer for the Games, or just volunteering directions and help to tourists, Vancouverites were gracious, polite hosts who garnered international praise.

- With record numbers of people pouring into downtown to celebrate, Vancouverites helped ensure the party remained family-friendly, inclusive, and fun.

"What will stay with me the most is just the incredible atmosphere our citizens created on our streets," said Mayor Robertson. "Outside the Olympic venues, the city created safe and exciting spaces to party, like our LiveCity sites, which hosted tens of thousands of people. Literally every one of the hundreds of visitors I had the pleasure to meet throughout the Games have praised Vancouverites for their energy, hospitality and warmth. The people of this city have made the whole country proud.

"As we prepare to welcome the world for the Paralympic Games, I know this spirit of goodwill will continue to thrive in the city."

Photo credit: City of Vancouver