Mayor Robertson on Kinder Morgan NEB Decision

"I am deeply disappointed – but not surprised - with the National Energy Board’s decision to approve the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. This proposal is a bad deal for Vancouver and our entire region: the 600% increase in oil tanker traffic in our local waters dramatically increases the risk of an oil spill, which would have devastating impacts on our environment and our thriving economy. These risks are simply not worth it and are why we see overwhelming opposition to Kinder Morgan's proposal from local First Nations and Mayors throughout Metro Vancouver. 

Vancouver’s economic growth is leading the nation thanks to innovation and our green brand – a massive increase of oil tankers in our waters is the wrong approach for our city, province and country. Doubling down on fossil fuel expansion would be a big step backwards for Canada, as there's never been a better time to aggressively shift to a clean energy future. Approving this project would also eliminate any hope the federal government has to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions and meet our commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Vancouver is firm in our resolve that an expanded Kinder Morgan pipeline’s safety, environmental, and public health risks far outweigh any economic benefit, and is therefore not in the public interest. The federal government has until the end of the year to make a decision. As Mayor, I will be advocating forcefully to Prime Minister Trudeau and the federal government that they should say a definitive ‘NO’ to this project."

Gregor Robertson
Mayor, City of Vancouver